Thursday, July 26, 2007

I hate the internet

I absolutely despise the invasive nature of the sign-ins at these websites required in order to complete the 23 things. I already have accounts with some of these people - which I don't want to combine with this program. In my attempts to keep them seperate, I keep getting logged out of one system and into another and asked to give out all sorts of personal information that I don't think they have any business having - including such things as my name, D.O.B. and so forth. It is none of their business, and is a prime reason why I do *not* have an inclination to use any of this fancy smanchy web 2.0 stuff.

Being able to upload pictures lazily on Flikr is *not* worth my personal information, ever. Being pulled into a whole network of sites (You can now do all this with your Yahoo/MSN/Google ID, and we can track you constantly as an individual advertising target!) freaks me out, and I don't even consider myself particularly paranoid.

Would you also like to hate these companies and what they do? I suggest this book.

End of rant.