Monday, August 20, 2007

17 - add a link

I added on this page : : as specified. Not sure what else to say, I've posted on Wiki's before.

I will say... I hate the WYSIWYG edit bar that this wiki uses. I find it more complicated than necessary. Writing things just like you are inside MS Word is an affront to the idea of how the wikis were originally set up.

There was a simple code that you could use in Wiki text ( I don't know what you call it) that makes it trivial to maintain formatting consistency even when used by many people. Stuff like...


That would have been turned into a horizontal line. _Underline_ gets underlined. For a bulleted list:

- blah
- blah
- blah

... and the Wiki software does the hard lifting of putting the html in for you.

On web pages, having every single element styled differently, as tends to happen when people have that freedom, just turns things into a mess. The linked page above shows the first signs of it... every single library organization listed is in its own color, style and font. Its quite ugly.