Monday, August 20, 2007

Thing 13 - Delicious

Again, I have a creative disdain for anything social-networky.

Delicious strikes me as a little less creepy - not enough to become a regular user - but not so much that I want to reflexively hit the back button. Its quite likely because this is the sort of information gathering that I am used to - they are basically creating a microcosm of the "good stuff on the internet rises to the top when enough people link to it" formula that google and the other search engines use to draw order from chaos these days. It also is less intrusive during signup, so I feel more comfortably anonymous within its system.

Insofar as the 'keep your bookmarks organized' feature, I don't find it that useful. I used to have it setup so that my home/work computers both synced their builtin bookmarks against a person ftp server. (Something like... but not that exact setup. It fell into disuse - keeping bookmarks forever only left me with piles and piles of bookmark clutter - sites that I thought I would visit again at the time but never got back to, or forgot about... etc. Bookmarking for me just turns into clutter, I think its a personal usage issue. If I can't remember it - I need to write it down - anywhere but under the Bookmarks menu. Putting it on flickr just hides it behind yet another website to lose my login information for.

Also, for whatever reason, the 13 minute video didn't work, so I skipped it.